Hunts Cider

Hunts Cider is a Devon cider maker with a long tradition and heritage, stretching back over 200 years.

Using the highest quality Devon cider apples, fermenting fresh bitter-sweet apple juice each autumn.

Hunts have maintained traditional methods whilst embracing modern machinery and processes.

All of this combines to allow skilled craftsmen to make handcrafted, authentic Devon cider with a unique and refreshing taste for you to enjoy.


After a hard day on the thrashing machine, this rich, sparkling, medium-dry cider would quench men’s thirst and lift their spirits. ‘Tis a fine drop’ they’d say ‘us shall ‘ave the Thrasher again on the ‘morrow.’

Andsome Bay

For ages past, Mr Hunt has selected the best quality bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples to reach the perfect balance for this medium sweet cider. ‘Yes! Come try’ he called ‘Tis proper Andsome Bay.’


The villagers knew when Squire Churchward had been to visit Mr. Hunt. They’d see him wobbling towards the Manor. ‘Squire’s bin on the Wobbler’ they’d say knowingly, describing the still, medium-sweet cider made on the farm for more than 200 years.