Luscombe sources exceptional organic fruit from around the world and produce drinks locally in Devon.

Their award-winning drinks are made without compromise using only premium organic ingredients, no artificial additives, sweeteners or concentrates. 

Luscombe source directly from trusted growers, selecting ingredients according to the countries and climates where they thrive to ensure truly sumptuous taste profiles. Only the best goes into the bottles, every time.

Luscombe, making beautiful drinks since 1997.

(Mostly) Devon Apple Juice

Pressed with the best from Devon and
England’s orchards including Tale Sweet,
Devon Crimson and Quench varieties.
This organic apple juice is rich with woody

St. Clements Juice

Oranges grown in the Italian sunshine,
paired with the juice of Sicilian lemons bring
a rich, rounded depth to this fine blend of
fresh citrus.

Sicilian Lemonade

A classic still lemonade of sharp Sicilian lemons rounded off with an indulgent splash of Madagascan bourbon vanilla.

Orange Juice

Simply the best fruit, grown at the
Equator to reap the benefits of glorious
day long sunshine. It is pressed and
bottled pure, free from any additives.

Cool Ginger Beer

Just as complex with the taste of fresh root ginger, but for those with a cooler temperament, this modern classic yields a subtler warmth than the Hot Ginger Beer.

Wild Elderflower Bubbly

Elderflowers hand-picked in the June sunshine infuse this classic drink. The gentle sparkle lifts the floral notes for an elegant taste.